Be a guide, not a seller – the art of setting the right impulses at every point.

Marketing and sales staff can tell you a thing or two about this: What worked perfectly well a few years ago in addressing customers no longer convinces anyone today. Direct personal communication has largely given way to comprehensive information provision, and decision-makers expect a range of information tailored to their detailed needs. The relevant facts must be comprehensible and the presentation of the solution must inspire the prospective customer – this is especially true for products that require explanation and are technically demanding.

Product configurators are popular and promising applications for generating attention, maintaining interest and ultimately convincing the user to buy the product. But here, too, the same is now true: Everything stands and falls with the user experience. This is why a powerful platform is needed that can be used to implement a wide variety of applications flexibly and easily on the basis of the product model. These configuration-as-a-service solutions are the answer to the digital transformation of industrial product sales.


Implementing new configuration applications is child’s play thanks to the Easy Configuration Platform. All applications and also the rule sets can be expanded quickly and easily. The central product model serves as the basis, which is generated together with the corresponding rule sets from the existing data and systems. Perfectly coordinated synchronization ensures absolute reliability of the data. Thanks to the unbeatable performance of the platform, it does not matter how complex the products are. 

The introduction of Viamedici Smart Product Configuration itself also requires very little effort thanks to the simple transfer of product models and the flexible and cloud-based architecture, thus ensuring an optimal ROI.


Not only is the implementation of configuration applications child’s play with Viamedici Smart Product Configuration – the integration of the applications into the desired environment is also no problem at all thanks to the Configuration API. The solution thus provides the necessary tools to implement the right configuration app with optimized Guided Selling for every target group and to flexibly adapt it at any time.


In addition to helpful applications on the website that are tailored to the different user groups, comprehensive CPQ applications are of course also possible. This allows the quotation process to be completely automated, from the configuration of technically correct solutions to the complete customer-specific quotation document including exact pricing. Completely digitized processes are ensured by end-to-end integration across all systems, and thanks to the intuitive interface, sales staff can concentrate fully on the sales pitch.


In addition to an intuitive user interface, performance is crucial for the user experience of an application. If it falls short of the user’s expectations, no matter how helpful the application may be, hardly anyone will use it. This applies to both the CPQ application for sales and the product configurator on the website. Technology is only good if you don’t notice it. That’s why Viamedici Smart Configuration is built on powerful cloud technology that always delivers consistently outstanding performance – regardless of the complexity of the configuration.