You continuously have complex, multi-level translation and text jobs, tweak advertising materials with various partners spanning company and country borders? Then you know how high the potential for error is and how time consuming these tasks are up to now. With the Viamedici Review Portal, everyone can work on an innovative online platform in one master document with version controls. Each correction step is transparent, every change is documented until the final document is finished and approved.

Efficient online cooperation made easy

The Viamedici Review Portal offers a standardized online work environment for companies, product managers, translators, agencies and lastly for the decision-makers who finally approve a translation or a text. Use is so intuitive that anyone can start working without training or time-consuming orientation.

The organization of text and translation projects becomes simple, error sources e.g. using filetransfer or in manual version controlling are a thing of the past. Companies have their review and translation processes under control and work efficiently on a high performance online platform with quality assured results.

Comprehensive toolsets ensure optimal workflows

The Viamedici Review Portal has sophisticated components and functions that simplify practices and ensure a smooth workflow. For example, users are notified by email when new tasks are pending. Once logged-in, translations, revisions and approvals take place in full context in an original page layout. An intelligent editor provides for transparency, quick handling and automatically creates new versions that can be accepted or denied. All users are informed of changes, approvals or denials, have an overview of revision steps, can view comments and make comments themselves. Until an optimal result is achieved, every participant is always up-to-date.

Perfect integration with third-party systems – for even more applications

Viamedici Review Portal supports efficient terminology management e.g. in conjunction with the Viamedici EPIM dictionary, always showing all positions of the dictionary entries used. It also supports the direct connection to any other corresponding PIM and MAM systems, ERP or CMS through open interfaces and APIs. This way, the Viamedici Review Portal can be put to universal use and makes room for extended process design.

Simple, intuitive and role-specific use for time-saving work

The Viamedici Review Portal is an intuitive, web-based application for which neither software is installed nor users must be trained. The modern, easily understandable and multi-language user guidance makes it extremely simple to use. Integrated rights management as well as flexible process and workflow control enable a role-specific use for translators, external service providers or foreign subsidiaries. Depending on role, rights or task, they can create, check or approve texts and translations.

More efficient with individually designed and automated processes

The Viamedici Review Portal allows for free and easy design and adjustment of processes, accommodating individual requirements. As an example, translation and review jobs can be automatically distributed to the respective users and the handling can be supervised by the system. This integrated process and workflow management automates all logically representable process steps. Text and translation processing is more efficient and time-saving than ever before.

Highest quality and investment security

Modern software architecture and future-forward technologies in conjunction with Viamedici’s established TÜV certified quality assurance process guarantee the highest quality and investment security.