Viamedici PDK, the innovative Process Development Kit, is a framework for the modeling, implementation, execution and supervision of processes between Viamedici EPIM and other software solutions.  It is used for unidirectional or bidirectional interfaces to ERP, MAM, print systems (e.g. Adobe InDesign Server), WebCMS, shops or even for designing system-spanning translation and publication processes.

Viamedici PDK relies on standard technologies such as XML, XSLT and JAVA and improves the quality and efficiency of process developments as well as their transparency and supportability. By means of XML processes, the delivery, transfer and conversion of structured data in any form is problem-free.

Perfectly linked systems assure easy data transfer

Viamedici PDK links applications and provides services for a service-oriented architecture.The focus is on the exchange and use of data structures between various systems around EPIM. It supplies the process as well as the mapping of the data. That way it is easy and quick to link both upstream and downstream systems. An ERP delivers data to the data hub Viamedici EPIM, which transfers them to a CMS, a shop, a mobile application etc. For this, data in any direction is transformed to the right structure.

Messaging and escalation workflows ensure the transparent transfer to target systems. A webservice API makes sure that third-party system jobs are called up synchronously or asynchronously and that the current process status can be reported to the Viamedici PDK. This guarantees an uninterrupted process between systems. The Viamedici PDK is, of course, scalable and can be optimally sized for any amount of data and any performance situation.

Achieve objectives faster with a comprehensive, integrated function library

At the heart of the Viamedici PDK is the function library with over 40 function blocks – from simple copy, zip, delete, search and replace to complex actions like report, email, call web service, choose-when-otherwise. They are constructed by XML, carried out as a process and monitored.

By means of XML configuration, processes can be linked, parallelized, and distributed as well as called up according to time or activity. Naturally, the Process Development Kit is platform-neutral. Processes can run on WIN and on LINUX platforms. This enables easy porting of processes at a later time.

Higher security through perfect supervision of processes and interfaces

The integrated Interface Process Monitoring (IPM) in Viamedici EPIM monitors all existing workflow processes and interfaces during operating and displays the current status as well as error situations in detail on the Management Panel. This is supplemented by messaging and escalation workflows to immediately alarm the person responsible in the event of time-critical processes. The framework approach allows these workflows to be easily modeled individually.

Standards ensure quick and easy implementation and integration

Viamedici PDK is based on standard components, ready-made functional blocks and the Interface Process Monitor (IPM). The function blocks can be quickly assembled in XML-based process configuration without deeper programming knowhow. The comprehensive function library can be extended at any time. Solutions already realized with the PDK, such as housekeeping or print generation processes with the InDesign Server, are pre-configured and easily implemented.

Individual process metrics for optimal interface management

A idiosyncracy of processes and interfaces in the area of PIM is their high volatility. Structures and quantity structures change continuously, processes and infrastructure must adapt. In connection with a system review, Viamedici offers the implementation of process metrics to evaluate the implemented processes and reveal weaknesses. This allows for optimum system management and ensures that there are no surprise performance bottlenecks.

Highest Quality and Investment Security

Modern software architecture and future-forward technologies in conjunction with Viamedici’s established TÜV certified quality assurance process guarantee the highest quality and investment security.