The optimum presentation of your complete product program on every smartphone and every tablet has never been so easy. In every language and in any required depth of information.
Viamedici CAT APP – The Fastest Path to Perfect Product Presentation.

Uncompromising performance through native implementation for Apple and Android

Typically Apple, Unmistakably Android – the Perfect User Experience. The Viamedici CAT APP has been specially implemented for both Apple and Android. Even the smallest details have been attuned to the operating concept of the respective operating system. For this reason it by far outmatches every non-native app in speed and user friendliness.

Optimum Flexibility for Quick, Easy Handling

Viamedici CAT APP is not a rigid application. Content, structure and configuration of the app can be defined quickly and efficiently using Viamedici EPIM’s publication planning or other data sources. That way you can readily generate target group-specific mobile catalogues with a selected product range in the desired language, for example for foreign organizations, channel partners or service employees.

Offline Availability for Catalog Presentations Anywhere.

The Viamedici CAT-APP is also fully deployable offline. The offline availability of content enables you to work in any surroundings, regardless of network coverage. That way Viamedici CAT-APP offers the best requisite for perfect product presentations at trade fairs, in customer meetings or for service.

Intuitive, Easy Handling and Many Features

Viamedici CAT-APP is perfect for presenting your product information including pictures, graphics, videos, audio and documents in an innovative, attractive way. Also spare parts, accessories and other forms of product relationships can be portrayed with ease. Convenient search functions and indexes assist in finding the desired information at lightning speed. Additional documents can be loaded simply, bookmarks facilitate orientation. With language switching, memory function and much more.

Certified Quality for Utmost Reliability

Viamedici CAT-APP was created as a standard application by Viamedici product development and, as such, is subject to a very extensive quality assurance process – certified by the “TÜV”. This ensures the highest degree of quality and reliability.