Would you like to offer your customers and business partners a powerful product experience? With the Viamedici portals you can automatically provide the latest product information and media assets to the right target group on a high-performance self-service platform.

First Class Presentation and Intuitive Use

MEDIAPORTAL and PRODUCTPORTAL can be used individually or combined because of the common technological platform. Both PORTALS combine modern design with superb ergonomics and intuitive use. Product information can be displayed directly in the browser and is available as PDF if required. A spontaneous and specific product presentation can be held before the actual launch of a product catalog without any problems. When transferring media assets, derivatives are generated. These include thumbnails for websites, high-resolution media for print processes and specially prepared resolutions, for example for presentations. The media assets can be downloaded directly from the application or forwarded via a download link.

Best Performance in Every Situation

The Viamedici PORTALS are platform-independent, flexible and fast. State-of-the-art technology as well as intelligent caching and reloading mechanisms guarantee optimum performance – even with very large amounts of data. Therefore even the largest archives can be integrated without problem.

Cloud Capability

The portals are available both as on-premise solutions and as cloud applications. The special feature: If the portals are run in the cloud, they can be combined with on-premise solutions regardless of the different infrastructures.  

Easy to Adapt – Arbitrarily Extensible

The Viamedici PORTALS can be adjusted easily and quickly using parameters. The application’s look and feel can be set-up as well as the presentation of the content and the navigation behavior. Multitenancy makes the administration of access rights very easy. Each user group receives the content relevant to them; regardless if they are sales, press, agency or B2B customers.

Highest quality and investment security

Modern software architecture and future-forward technologies in connection with Viamedici’s established and “TÜV” certified quality assurance process provide for the highest quality and investment security.