The Enterprise Product Information Management suite Viamedici EPIM offers the utmost reliability and convenience in maintaining, administering and supplying product data, marketing information and media assets. With this comprehensive solution, you have your product data under control, in all languages and throughout the entire process chain.  
Viamedici EPIM is a real enterprise application designed for company-wide use, large numbers of users and maximum amounts of data. State-of-the-art architecture and comprehensive scalability ensure best performance and operating security even under high load.

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Extensive MDM Function for Perfect Product Data Management

Flexible import interfaces, easily operated data administration and tools for consolidating and synchronizing your product data make Viamedici EPIM the ideal environment for perfect product data management. A highly flexible data model and an integrated product configurator allow you to reproduce even the most complex product structures.

Fully-Integrated Media Asset Management

An integrated Media Asset Management module enables easy administration of the most diverse image, graphic, and document formats as well as audio and video files. At the same time, direct storage in Viamedici EPIM as well as the referencing to third-party systems is supported. A powerful image engine offers you everything you need for image editing and creating arbitrary image derivatives for differing output media.

Perfect Data Quality for Consistent and Reliable Informaton

Special workflow, analysis and validation functions allow for the individualized definition of your Total Quality Management und Data Governance strategies, including continuous monitoring. That way you can always count on your product data.

Hot vendors award

“The combination of PIM, dynamic product configuration, powerful multi language, and real time data is exactly what companies need to win in a digital market, and it makes Viamedici a Hot Vendor.” HFS Research, Hot Vendors Q1 2022, April 2022
Hot Vendors Q1 2022 - Viamedici

Fast Implementation and Efficient Operation

Viamedici EPIM is fully web-based, highly configurable standard software that can be flexibly adjusted to your requirements. You can make the adjustments yourself without programming knowhow. A powerful API, web services, certified interfaces to the most important business applications and the consistent use of standards allow an easy integration into the existing IT infrastructure. You therefore profit from short implementation time, minor administration effort and low operating costs.

Intelligent Terminology and Text Management

In the dictionary – an integrated terminology database – text blocks that can be qualified with categories and meta data are managed. In this manner the availability of text blocks can be assigned for certain product groups, publications or business areas. Descriptions can be composed dynamically from text blocks and product attributes. Logical tags control the layout in publications. A series of convenient functions such as duplicate search or subsequent value ensure excellent user friendliness.

Comprehensive Multi-Language Support

Viamedici EPIM is fully Unicode capable so that all languages can be managed. Translation workflows and language comparison templates facilitate controlled online translation. In addition, standard interfaces are available to established Translation Memory Systems (TMS). Your company-specific terminology can be managed consistently using an integrated dictionary.

Optimum Ease of Use for Quick Acceptance

State-of-the-art design, first class ergonomics and numerous convenient functions actively support Viamedici EPIM and its users in their daily work. That serves for quick acceptance and the highest degree of efficiency.

Real Omnichannel Publishing

Viamedici EPIM offers comprehensive access to media-neutral and quality-assured product information. Using an integrated publication and channel management module with powerful filter, rule and conversion tools, all output channels can be directed centrally and data can be targeted for supply to print, online and mobile applications. With only a few clicks, you can create target group-specific catalogs for diverse media from your central product portfolio by steering product lines, markets and languages.

Management Panel for Maximum Transparency

By means of a management panel containing analysis, reporting and visualization functions and efficient zoom-in mechanisms, Viamedici EPIM provides for continuous transparency and control throughout the entire process. You can direct actions centrally, identify problems quickly and be constantly informed about the current status in your company. The management panel can, of course, be personalized and is available not only online, but also via mobile devices.


BIM (Building Information Modeling) is used in the construction industry for optimal planning, realization and management of buildings. Relevant product data for construction planning and building management must be made available and linked with each other. Use EPIM as a central platform not only for your product data, but also for your BIM content: Building and syndicating BIM-compliant data is no problem with Viamedici EPIM. You can easily transfer the BIM content you manage in EPIM to systems such as BIMsystems, BIMobject and HyperBIM.

Highest Quality and Investment Security

Viamedici’s modern software architecture and forward-looking technologies, combined with proven TÜV-certified processes, ensure the highest quality and investment security.
TÜV zertifiziertes System Management
TÜV certified system management