Viamedici ECOM is a high powered ecommerce solution for company-wide use. Viamedici ECOM is easily integrated into the existing IT infrastructure, can be aligned flexibly to existing and future sales structures, is easy to use, highly scalable and very quickly productive. In short: Viamedici ECOM contains everything you need for successful online business.

Intuitive Use and Administration

Pre-defined processes and state-of-the-art user interfaces ensure efficient and time-saving e-commerce organization. Using drag & drop, you can grant rights, create customer groups and manage campaigns.

High Scalability and Excellent Load Performance

Viamedici ECOM stands out with high scalability and excellent load performance. Process-oriented software use, virtualization technologies, modern caching and cluster functions make it the optimum solution for surroundings with high volume and extreme transaction loads.

First-Class Integrative Ability and Flexibility

The modular setup and extremely flexible system architecture guarantee short introduction periods and a fast alignment to new scenarios. The connector principle ensures a problem-free link to existing systems and a seamless integration with existing IT structures.

Multi Channel

Viamedici ECOM makes it possible not only to be present on all sales channels, but to specifically link them and supply them optimally. Through the digitalization of sales processes and the option to represent existing distribution concepts modularly, existing sales channels can be supported perfectly and more efficiently than ever before.

Multi Shop & Multi Site

Based on a central Viamedici ECOM installation you can manage diverse online shops that are connected to each other via hereditary principles. Therefore individual shops can be operated on a common data basis (multi shop) as well as on different data structures (multi site). Both concepts can be combined however you like. A centrally existing article master may be distributed over various shops and individualized according to shop specifications.

Multi Market

The multi market systematic deals with differing backend processes. This includes the problem-free management and processing of operations in different languages, with different brand profiles, in country-specific currencies, with international payment methods, according to diverse tax systems and other regional requirements. In this way, worldwide online sales structures can be centrally managed and controlled.

Perfect Interaction With Viamedici EPIM

Contrary to conventional e-commerce solutions, Viamedici ECOM is optimized for high-performance data supply from product information management systems and possesses a deep integration with Viamedici EPIM. Portfolios, channels and markets can be controlled directly from Viamedici EPIM. Live previews support the authorization processes. That way you always have full transparency and can react quickly to market requirements.

Security and Assault Protection

Viamedici ECOM fulfills the requirements of the Open Web Application Security Project – OWASP Top 10 – and is of course PCI conformant.

Highest Quality and Investment Security

The modern software architecture and future-forward technologies in connection with Viamedici’s proven and tested TÜV certified quality assurance process ensure the highest quality and investment security.