The exchange of electronic product catalogs between manufacturers and customers is a significant component of e-business and leads to a considerable reduction of transaction costs. Viamedici ECAT offers you extensive options for classifying product data and converting it to various output formats. Electronic product catalogs for exchange between customers and business partners can thereby be created quickly and easily.

International Standards Out-of-the-Box

All established international catalog formats and product classifications are stored in Viamedici ECAT and are available out-of-the-box. That way it is not longer necessary to manually create the required structures and classifications. New versions of individual standards are made available by Viamedici promptly so that you don’t need to worry about being up-to-date.

Efficient Mapping Mechanisms

Comprehensive mapping mechanisms like class mapping, attribute mapping, auto-mapping, and combination and transformation mapping let your internal data structures be easily and quickly aligned to the individual requirements of your customers.

Optimum Results, Even With Diverse Data Sources

Via Viamedici ECAT you can access product data directly in Viamedici EPIM or also use any other external data sources such as ERP and CRM systems or Excel lists. A combination of different data sources is also supported. Single data sources can be specified for certain customers or catalogs comprehensively or individually and are then available for future productions.

Server-Based for Company-Wide Use

Viamedici ECAT is a server-based solution that can be operated completely via browser interface. Once-defined mapping and catalog structures are therefore available to all authorized users company-wide.

Ease of Use for Efficient Work

With modern drag and drop user interfaces and intelligent auto-mapping functions, Viamedici ECAT assists in the initial definition of customer-specific catalogs. Once the structures have been setup, product catalogs can be easily created with just two clicks. Sales colleagues and account managers can supply themselves with the desired data.

Peak Performance for All Output Formats

Viamedici ECAT possesses comprehensive validation, analysis and reporting functions. This creates transparency and ensures maximum quality in all output formats.

Certified Quality for Utmost Reliability

Modern software architecture and future-forward technologies in connection with Viamedici’s established and “TÜV” certified quality assurance process provide for the highest quality and investment security.